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The Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. assists Sarasota, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Venice and Lakewood Ranch area residents with all of their real estate law needs. Mr. Seigel has vast knowledge of real estate law including real estate sales transactions, foreclosure defense,landlord tenant real estate disputes, and real estate transaction contract disputes, to be successful litigating for you. Additionally, Mr. Seigel has been a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker since 2002.  Mr. Seigel’s real estate law practice includes the following areas:

  • Landlord Tenant Issues – Florida law clearly outlines the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. There are certain requirements of each party, but unfortunately both parties do not always comply to the law. When either party does not honor their required obligations, a Sarasota landlord tenant attorney may intervene. Whether you are the landlord who is not receiving rent from a delinquent tenant or a tenant who has a landlord who is not performing required maintenance, Attorney Jay. R Seigel can assist you with the Florida legal process for the desired outcome.
  • Eviction Florida landlord tenant laws can be complicated and can cause many issues for both landlords and tenants if the rules are not followed. Costly mistakes can add up for the property owner, which can be avoided with expert advice from Sarasota landlord tenant attorney Jay R. Seigel. Ensure your eviction is served properly and save yourself time, money, and stress by letting a professional represent you.
  • Real Estate Sales Transactions – Individuals involved in Florida real estate transactions can benefit  an experienced real estate attorney who can assist them from the negotiation of the sale to the closing on the property. Real estate sales and transactions involve a variety of legal issues that only an experienced real estate attorney like Jay R. Seigel can effectively navigate for you. The Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. works closely with Sarasota area with lenders, title companies, real estate agents, property surveyors, home inspectors and others who participate in real estate transactions to ensure a stress-free closing process on the property.
  • Foreclosure Defense – When a homeowner becomes delinquent on their mortgage payments, their home can be foreclosed on.  It may be the original lender, a new bank or a mortgage servicer that now claims your loan. It is helpful to consider foreclosure options such as mediation, loan modification, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.  Sarasota real estate attorney Jay. R. Seigel can help clients negotiate the remaining balance to reduce negative credit ratings as well as possibly removing the remaining debt so that it is forgiven.
  • Short Sales & Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure One option to avoiding a foreclosure judgment and a foreclosure auction sale is to consider a short sale. The home is sold for less than what is owed, which allows the lender to recover some of the money due to them. In addition, homeowners can reduce some of their debt as most often the remaining debt is “wiped-out” and/or forgiven. Florida homeowners can also opt for a deed in lieu of foreclosure instead of choosing to do a loan modification or short sale. A deed in lieu of foreclosure allows a borrower to convey interest in the property to the mortgage lender to stop foreclosure of the property and satisfy the default loan. The Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. can assist Florida homeowners with this process.
  • Real Estate Contract Dispute– Real estate contract disputes are common in real estate litigation and require the assistance and knowledge of a Sarasota real estate attorney. Though the contract for the sale of real estate contains various terms, conditions, and contingencies of the sale, these terms are typically either misunderstood or not understood at all by the contracting parties.  At this point, the process becomes complicated as the terms are not met. To avoid breach, default of contract, and the unitntended financial consequences that follow, an experienced real estate attorney is suggested to negotiate and navigate a real estate contract dispute on your behalf.

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The Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. is available to assist you with all of your real estate and landlord-tenant concerns. If you are currently involved in any other situations listed above and live in the Sarasota, Manatee, or Charlotte county area, don’t hesitate to contact Attorney Jay Seigel today and scheduled your free consulation.

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