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Our Sarasota Foreclosure Defense Attorney Can Help Stop Foreclosure on Your Florida Home

Stop foreclosure on your Florida home with help from the Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. Our experienced Sarasota foreclosure defense attorney is highly experienced in managing all aspects of foreclosure defense.  As an attorney, Mr. Seigel’s foreclosure experience included eight years working with a multi-state foreclosure firm which represented multiple banks, mortgage servicers and mortgage underwriters in Florida.  Representing homeowners in foreclosure, Mr. Seigel created a seminar designed to assist real estate agents, and both homeowners as well as their legal counsel, entitled “Loss Mitigation & Foreclosure Defense: Proper Practices.”  As a Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker (since 2002) and as an attorney, Mr. Seigel has the knowledge and experience you need to help you navigate the financial and emotional foreclosure process.

Sarasota attorney Jay R. Seigel uses this experience and knowledge in his foreclosure defense practice and focuses on foreclosure defense litigation, mediation, short sale negotiations, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, loan modifications, and more.

You Need a Sarasota Foreclosure Defense Attorney That Knows Florida Foreclosure Laws

State laws can differ widely when it comes to foreclosures. Thus what happened to “homeowner 1” in Michigan,New Hampshire or Tennessee, may be completely different from the experience of “homeowner 2” in Florida. Florida is a “judicial foreclosure” state.  Thus the banks must resort to the Courts to foreclose on you home.  In addition to losing your home, homeowners in Florida also risk having a judgement  against them as well. This “deficiency judgment” allows lenders to hold homeowners responsible for the remaining balance after the home is sold by foreclosure auction.  Typically, a shortsale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure will avoid this. Attorney Jay R. Seigel can use his experience as a Sarasota foreclosure defense attorney to assist with helping you stop foreclosure and save your home.


  • Foreclosure Defense – When a homeowner becomes delinquent on their mortgage payments, their home can be “foreclosed”.  It may be the original lender, a new bank or a mortgage servicer that now claims your loan. It is helpful to consider foreclosure options such as mediation, loan modification, short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.  Sarasota real estate attorney Jay. R. Seigel can help clients negotiate the remaining balance to reduce negative credit ratings as well as possibly removing the remaining debt so that it is forgiven.
  • Loan Modification – Mr. Seigel can help you seek a loan modification and even a possible principal balance reduction. For those who own properties that are now considered to be “underwater,” (properties that are worth less than is owed on them), a Sarasota foreclosure defense attorney like Mr. Seigel can help you successfully avoid being forced to pay this unpaid principal balance, even if the property was abandoned.  Most lending banks and mortgage servicers will consider loan modification applications based on specific financial hardships.  Even homeowners who have federally-backed loans (Freddie and Fannie loans) can apply for these.
  • Short Sales & Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure One option to avoiding a foreclosure judgment and a foreclosure auction sale is to consider a short sale. The home is sold for less than what is owed, which allows the lender to recover some of the money due to them. In addition, homeowners can reduce some of their debt as most often the remaining debt is “wiped-out” and/or forgiven. Florida homeowners can also opt for a deed in lieu of foreclosure instead of choosing to do a loan modification or short sale. A deed in lieu of foreclosure allows a borrower to convey interest in the property to the mortgage lender to stop foreclosure of the property and satisfy the default loan. The Law Office of Jay R. Seigel, P.A. can assist Florida homeowners with this process.
  • Foreclosure Litigation – As a final option or where the foreclosure action has already been filed with the Court, the homeowner should seek an experienced and qualified Florida attorney to defend their rights in Court.  If a foreclosure case is filed against you, the bank can literally complete the process in as little as 90-120 days and then have the legal right to sell your home by auction either online or on the Courthouse steps.   It is crucial that you search for an attorney who will fight for your rights and help you achieve your goals in the foreclosure process.


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